Kidwells Whittakers - The Partnership

Managing Director Anna Cooperwhite talks about her business ethos...

“The best ideas come from necessity” Anna Cooperwhite of Whittaker & Co comments, a statement which neatly encapsulates the driving force behind the company’s founding in 2004.

Whittaker & Co was borne from the director’s own experience of the lack of financial support available at the time for ex-Armed Forces personnel working offshore. A dilemma that wasn’t a single, isolated issue but, as studious research across the board indicated, a shared problem for many ex-Forces personnel.

It was Anna’s initial hands-on approach that consolidated her previous knowledge and paved the way for her reputation as a leader in tax-anomalies, in dealings with both residents of the UK or non-residents. With the upmost focus upon nurturing personal relationships with clients, Whittaker & Co is renowned for it’s enthusiasm with each individual employee specifying in niche aspects of accountancy and bookkeeping.

Anna’s modus operandi has ensured Whittaker & Co continue to go from strength to strength. From beginnings solely dealing with off-shore security professionals, the company now boasts experts in a growing number of professional industries. And as professional trends evolve over the years, the company prides themselves on their adaptability and own evolution.

In a world in which we expect a streamlined service Whittaker & Co has fully realised the expectations of their clients and, in turn, utilises cutting-edge technology to provide accountancy services unparalleled. With the recent introduction of XERO, offering online software and seamless payroll to clients, and there own Kidwells Whittaker App, allowing a direct relationship between brand and consumer, Anna is putting control back into her customer’s hands.

“Why spend your time waiting on your accountant?” she implores, “With our accountant’s on hand out of office hours, our apps allow you to take charge of your own money, in your own time”.

With such focus on the individual, Anna’s dream to create a brand and revolutionise accountancy practices is finally coming to fruition. The merging of Kidwells and Whittaker & Co sees the two companies come together to create a standalone company that prides itself on it’s expertise.

The synergy between the two companies has been consolidated throughout the years as Anna and Michael Horne (Kidwells) have continued to work together. Their shared vision to create a bookkeeping and accountancy company, with the backing and support of each others respective experts, has created one of the most innovative and exciting accountancy practices in the UK.

Director Michael Horne shares his views...

Michael is excited to announce the Union of Kidwells and Whittakers in delivering the next link in the chain by way of a much needed bookkeeping and accounts company. This will ensure that our clients and contacts are getting the right advice all year round by a group of companies that specialise in delivering excellence to its clients.
When asked Michael does not accept that these are his companies he believes in the delivery of the services by teams of people that are driven by common goals and this is evident in the growth of the companies with involvement of other expert firms in joint ventures such as this one.
Michael will often say "Kidwells is the people within it and not me" and we agree!