Kidwells Whittakers at Xerocon 2016

Battersea Evolution in London was the venue for 2016’s Xerocon this week. Xerocon is “the world’s most beautiful and innovative conference for leaders in cloud accounting”. As Kidwells Whittakers are brand new to using Xero software we saw this as a great opportunity to learn about the product and its many, many features.   This was also a great opportunity for us to talk to other users of Xero and to the app developers, to see how we can get most out of Xero for ourselves and our clients.

The two day conference was a mixture of exhibitors and speakers, and to get the full experience our Managing Director Anna Cooperwhite, Account Managers Heulwen Thomas and Debbie Evans, and myself visited the conference ready to absorb as much info as possible. 

The speakers involved featured Xero’s UK Managing Director, Xero’s CEO, the Director for automatic enrolment pensions regulator, and also Sir Ranulph Fiennes. Xero’s speakers talked about the product’s history over the last 12 months, but the main focus was on development and the direction for the forthcoming 12 months.

The end of day one also featured an awards ceremony and ‘networking’ event. The networking event featured a free bar and a great band; we are not entirely sure how much networking took place!

The use of Xero and its add-ons are the future of accounting. The days of having to take time out of your working week to travel to your accountant/bookkeeper to drop off your invoices and expenses are slowly fading out. One of the major benefits of cloud based accounting is the time saving capabilities and as we all know time = money.

The other major benefit of cloud-based accounting is the client involvement with their accounts. Xero gives the users a great insight into their accounts in ‘real-time’, for example we have recently signed a new client who is a plasterer and with his previous accountant he only saw his accounts when they were completed and he was informed how much he owed the taxman. Now through the use of Xero he is able to see his accounts at any time of day and we also have reporting available to provide estimates of potential tax bills.

Some of the add-on partners who were there exhibiting their product we found to have some great features. We believe that many clients and potential clients in Mid-Wales and Herefordshire will love these and we can’t wait to move forward with using the add-ons.

We can safely say Xerocon 2016 did not disappoint, we left the conference excited about the opportunities our partnership with Xero is going to create for Kidwells Whittakers and our clients. The drive back from London to Newtown was full of discussion about our next steps and how we are going to use Xero to its full potential.

Lee Stephens

Xero Certified Advisor