Whittaker & Co's story

2003 was a year of major change for Anna Cooperwhite. Having had a settled life in Brunei with her husband who was serving in the Military, 3 children and a job as a presenter on BFBS the family decided it was time to end the Military lifestyle and return to live in the United Kingdom.

Shortly after returning to the UK Anna’s husband began working overseas for a London based security firm, followed by a contract in the US and ending up in Iraq for a private security company.

While on the circuit is soon became apparent that the money side of the work that Anna’s husband was doing was not going to be straight-forward, unlike the Military he was now responsible for paying his own tax. Rumours were rife on what he should be doing but there were very few people who actually knew.

Back in the UK Anna decided she had better research the tax situation for someone who lives in the UK and works abroad. She contacted numerous companies, tax advisers and Accountants and did not receive any direct information.

After realising the lack of financial and taxation advice for ex-Armed Forces servicemen and women working in the security industry Whittaker and Co was born in 2004.

Anna was determined to find out as much information as possible regarding working overseas. She wanted to be the person who could take a phone call from ex-service personnel regarding working overseas and answer their question in full, first time, every time!

As Whittaker and Co has grown over the years Anna has hand-picked staff to cover all aspects of the business, who are trained in one particular area so the questions remain answered in full, first time, every time!

Whittaker and Co has adapted over the years due to the changing trends of the security industry and the individual needs of the clients themselves. The business now caters for more niche tax reliefs (Non-Residency, SED, Oil & Gas, Sports Professional, Medics, Models and Divers) than your average high street Accountant as well as having an in house specialist to deal with Child Support Agency (CSA) or Child Maintenance Service (CMS).

Following the success of Whittaker and Co since 2004 the next step in being able to offer the ‘complete package’ to support any UK sole trader, UK partnership and UK company with advice and support every step of the way is KidwellsWhittakers.