The Kidwells Whittakers App - Explained in detail with screenshots.

If you have downloaded our brilliant FREE app then below are some guidelines to the features and also screenshots to help with using the Kidwells Whittakers App.

Our app has a number of interactive and information only features. We find all the features to be very beneficial to our clients whether they are self-employed or a Director of a Limited Company.

The main features that our clients will use and interact with are:

Receipt Manager

This feature enables our app users to record and list their expenses. We find this is a great time saver for our users. Within the feature you can take a photo of your receipt for the expenditure and log the expense under the relevant heading, for example travel expenses etc.You can also export your expenditure information into your own email address or to your account manager.

Mileage Tracker

This feature is great for app users who are always on the move making business trips. Within the tracker you simply press start trip when you are just about to leave in your vehicle. At the end of the journey press stop trip. The app will automatically ask you to enter information about the trip. The mileage, time, date and information entered will then be automatically saved. All trips can then be exported in a excel file and be sent via email to yourself or account manager.

Income Tracker

This is a great feature to enable our clients to record and monitor their income. Within this feature you log income entries and also can include a photo to help document the income source. When logging the income you can record the source, the date, whether there is VAT on the income, the amount, and also the option to add additional notes. As with the other trackers you can export your income list and send it in a file to yourself or your account manager.


This gives our app users access to their Xero cloud based accountancy software through their device. For further info on using Xero please see our webpage for further information. Or if you would like your personal access details to log onto Xero please contact your account manager.

The App options that are there just to provide information are:

  • Calculators – Here you can use the numerous calculators available. These are handy to calculate income tax, VAT, inflation and many more.
  • Tax Tables – There is a vast amount of information included in here to assist with giving the app user tax allowances, thresholds, benefits and figures all in one place.
  • Financial dates – Here we provide key tax dates and deadlines for small businesses.
  • Finance News – We have regular updates with important financial news from the UK.
  • Precious Metals – We provide the latest market prices of gold, silver, platinum and palladium.
  • Share and Fund Prices – This feature links you directly to the Financial Times markets website.
  • Budget News – Again we have regular links to official government budget news. For example we provide the Autumn Statement, with expectations, announcements and reactions.
  • Website – This links our app users to our website.
  • Meet the Team – Here you get to put faces to the names of the staff of Kidwells Whittakers.
  • How We Help – This is where we give an overview of KW and the company ethos.
  • Get In Touch – This links you to our contact page and various ways you can reach our team.
  • Blog – Here we link our app users to our blog feed so we can keep you up to date
  • Review App – This takes you to either the Android Play store or the iOS app store where you can review the app.